Privacy Policy

We want to talk a little bit about our privacy policy. We try to explain all the issues related to users' privacy in a complete and clear way here.


The information we collect

We receive information about users' location. This information includes the user's location and IP.

Information related to the location of users is received to display the site based on Persian or English language. This information is used to improve and optimize the site's services and functionality, and this information is kept strictly confidential.

Users located outside of Iran will see the site in English.



We use cookies only to improve the performance of the site. Currently, users create a cookie to determine the site language for 3 days based on their location on their browser.

Cookies are currently only used for easier access to site services for users and this information is not collected in any way.

In addition to enforcing the privacy policy, cookies also apply the terms of service.


Other conditions

Some ads may include conditions when displaying or clicking on them. Contact your advertising provider for more information.

We will update this page if we use information from users that relates to privacy.