Terms of Service

Users using this site accept the following terms and conditions.


Basic rules

Users and registered sites are required to fully comply with the laws and conditions of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Users can use the site services as provided in the instructions and based on the user interface available to them.

In general, the services of the site are for Iranian users, please, if possible, turn off your VPN or Proxy while using the site so that you can use the half price tariff of the site.


Terms of application of the restriction

Users who misuse the site and intend to sabotage their access to the site and services are temporarily or permanently restricted.

Registered sites are required to comply with the laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the case site. If a site uploads illegal content to their site, they will be removed or suspended.

Filtered sites will not be registered on the site.

Sites that are filtered after registering on the site will be removed or suspended.

Sites whose subject content changes after registering on the site. (change the category and apply some restrictions)

Sites whose domain is unavailable after being registered on the site.

If a request is sent to us from legal authorities to remove or suspend a site, restrictions will be applied on the relevant site.

We have no obligation or guarantee for the services and content of the registration sites and all responsibility is on the site administrator, we can only detect infringing sites through periodic reviews or user reports. So help us in this regard by sending your report.



To use the site even once, it is necessary to use the basic cookies on the users' browser. Currently cookies are only used to determine the language of the site based on the user's current location. Information about cookies is not collected in any way.

If you do not agree with the terms of the cookies, all you have to do is delete the cookies on this site after using the site.


Other conditions

For us, only the Persian version of the rules, conditions and policies of privacy is valid, and the English version is only translated and may not clearly indicate what is being said. Currently, the Persian version is only visible to users inside Iran.

We reserve the right to update the terms, conditions and privacy policy with or without the user's knowledge, and users are required to read these pages once in a while.