Maybe it was from 2005 that I had the idea of a Parvand Parsi in mind. Over the past few years, many changes have been made to the site and it can be said that these changes are still being implemented to achieve the desired result.

The changes we had were from the site host, domain and site type.

First of all, we started with an educational site, but after a while, unfortunately, due to the host and lack of support, our site became unavailable and was not available for a long time.

We came back with the same idea with a new and good host and we had a good reception for a while, but again our work failed and the reason was the frequent interruptions of the host server and the lack of financial and moral support.

After a while, we thought about why we should start working on our own and do zero to one hundred to get a good result. And that was to create a Parvand with the idea that it categorizes sites. The reason for this idea was that the idea we had was not applicable to content management systems such as WordPress, Joomla, etc.

We worked on the graphical interface design for a while and it was a good result. We left the previous host in 1398, and while we were looking for a good host that matched the initial budget, we suddenly became acquainted with Iran Server. Of course, we did not have a problem with transferring to Iran Server :D because our site was just a simple HTML and every time we updated we only updated the code.

As time went on, we saw that if we were to code for any change, it would not be possible. The problem was just showing itself where the number of sites was gradually increasing and finally the graphical interface programming mentioned earlier started and now I think we are at this stage :D Of course there is still a lot of work to be done .

Now the file has a small site with a programmer (myself) and a graphic designer with power and low speed :D moving forward.

Help us to promote this business with your spiritual support of the Parvand.